12 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Every Day Products

It is more important than ever to adopt eco-friendly alternatives when you can. The world is slowly moving towards irreparable damage. We haven’t been at our kindest best towards our Mother Earth. Almost everything we use daily harms the planet in some way or the other.

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Let’s look at an example. That small plastic comb you have on the dresser might not be the friendliest item for the planet. Think about it? Plastic is non-biodegradable, which means it does not break down into natural or environmentally-friendly elements once disposed of. Think of how grave an effect the plastic carry bags that you still get from the grocery can have.

However, we still have a fighting chance towards bringing glory to the planet before the situation proliferates out of control with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Yes, we are talking about cutting down on the products that affect the environment in some way or the other. Starting from using items made of organic material, like the comb, to depending more on the sun for solar energy, we have a lot of alternatives to work on.

Let’s put it this way. If you want, you will always find eco-friendly alternatives to almost everything you do. Let electrification of automobiles rapidly take over from harmful combustion engines, let the Earth Hour not be the only hour in the 365 days when we think of the earth. Read on to find out about eco-friendly alternatives to almost everything that you do.

Choosing the eco-friendly lifestyle: What, How, and Why?

The human race has been causing damage to the environment at an alarming rate. As a matter of fact, the damage caused to the environment has gone to such an extent, that the matter needs urgent attention and action. While the government and large corporations have their part to play in improving the conditions of the environment, every single person has to take a few steps to bring real change.

And the best way to bring this change is with an eco-friendly lifestyle. We can significantly improve the climate and the environment around us by considering our footprint. According to studies, three-quarters of Americans are concerned about the environment, but far fewer say they make an effort to live environmentally consciously all the time. Only 1 out of 5 say they make an effort all the time.

Eco-friendly habits can be a great way to bring improvement in your personal life as well as take care of the environment. To make an impact, we should proactively be looking out for eco-friendly alternatives.

While it may sound to be a very difficult task, it is not. Need laundry detergent? Use the one with natural ingredients. Drink coffee regularly? Use a reusable coffee filter. Avoid plastic and all kinds of plastic products. Remember, every bit counts.

In this article below, you will find some excellent and easily accessible eco-friendly alternatives to products that we use daily. Opting for such products can be very beneficial in shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The easiest and the simplest eco-friendly alternatives you can adopt

1. Reusable grocery bags

Plastic has been one of the major causes of environmental degradation across the world. According to studies, each year, we use an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags, which causes a lot of avoidable waste. A simple solution to reduce and completely stop the use of plastic starts with an environmentally friendly decision like using reusable grocery bags.

Reusable grocery bags are also convenient and cost-effective. Grocery stores even offer incentives to people who bring their reusable grocery bags. You can easily find these bags in various supermarkets and online stores.

2. Reusable water bottles

Another great way to cut down on plastic is by using reusable water bottles. Research indicates that although many recycling options and programs exist, almost 91% of the plastic water bottles end up in landfills and ultimately get dumped in oceans, causing immense environmental damage.

A reusable water bottle is not only environmentally friendly but also looks much better than most plastic bottles. Skipping the use of plastic bottles can be an effective eco-friendly change you can implement in your daily life.

3. Biodegradable trash bags

Biodegradable trash bags are 100% degradable under natural conditions and do not add up to the harmful wastes that accumulate in the environment. They meet the required composting program guidelines and are completely compostable, making these biodegradable trash bags an excellent eco-friendly alternative. Additionally, they are generally half the price of non-biodegradable trash bags. These bags are easily available in supermarkets.

4. Rechargeable batteries

As we all know, batteries function because of the chemicals inside them. Batteries are made of chemicals that are not only toxic but also ecologically damaging. We cannot stop using batteries, but what we can alternatively do is use rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries last for long periods, and using them is an amazing eco-friendly change you can adopt. Disposable batteries can cause severe damage to the environment such as air and water pollution. These rechargeable batteries save your money as well as time. As they last for longer periods, you do not have to go and buy them that often.

5. Reusable straws

According to the National Park Service, you could fill over 125 school buses with the straws Americans use every single day. The numbers go as high as 500 million. Does that sound shocking? Well, imagine the impact when all these straws end up in a landfill daily.

Using reusable straws can be an excellent item on your list of eco-friendly alternatives. It can make a significant impact on the betterment of the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste. It is a pretty convenient solution as well.

6. Programmable thermostats

A programmable thermostat is another eco-friendly item you can add to your home. It is also a great way to save money. A programmable thermostat, when used properly, can help reduce energy consumption. These thermostats can save you up to $150 every year on energy bills. Programmable thermostats are widely available and some are even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

7. Reusable coffee filters

Another excellent eco-friendly habit you can shift to, in your day to day lives is using reusable coffee filters. Instead of a new K-Cup every morning, a reusable coffee filter is a more eco-friendly change which not only helps the environment but also helps you save some money.

A reusable filter pod is a one-time investment that is long-lasting. It reduces the impact on the environment because our daily KL-cups ultimately end up as waste.

8. Teabags

Not a coffee lover? Well, we have a solution for tea lovers as well. And many tea lovers have already shifted to this better and eco-friendly habit: tea bags. Teabags effectively help save water consumption, to the extent of 20,000 gallons per year, in a household, according to data from Nebia. Tea lovers have also claimed that tea bags have a better quality than loose leaf tea.

9. LED light bulbs

The eco-friendly alternatives list will be incomplete without LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are 80% more efficient than traditional lights. 95% of the energy in LED light bulbs is converted into light, and only 5% of the energy is wasted as heat. This means that these bulbs consume less power and therefore are more environmentally-friendly.

LED light bulbs are also cost-efficient as they significantly reduce your energy consumption bills. By saving energy they also decrease greenhouse gas emissions. LED light bulbs are highly customizable and have a lot of features with easy integration into AI systems. You can control them with remote devices, dim or brighten them, and opt for a variety of colors.

10. Compostable utensils

If you use disposable cutlery and bowls, opt for the compostable ones. Compostable cutlery and bowls are 100% biodegradable and reduce the harmful impact of plastic on the environment.

FirstChoice is a leading company that provides excellent compostable cutlery and bowls. Additionally, the company donates 10% of its annual income to NGOs working for the environment.

11. Natural laundry detergent

We all need detergent. But instead of using a detergent that uses toxic chemicals, use a detergent that is made from natural ingredients. This eco-friendly lifestyle tip will help reduce soil and water pollution. These detergents generally come in recyclable bottles and are made of 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials.

12. The paperless way

Another easy eco-friendly habit to adopt is opting for a paperless lifestyle. We can collectively make a difference by using an e-reader or using fewer paper products.

If you are an avid reader or a writer, using an electronic medium can cut down on the use of paper. You can also opt-out of junk mail you receive every day and save trees. Go paperless and reduce your carbon footprint today.

Help nature replenish itself

It is every individual’s responsibility to help the environment and reduce the damage in any way they can. Shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle can be your way of contributing to the betterment of the environment.

While environmental awareness has significantly increased across the globe, action from every individual is necessary. People should opt for other eco-friendly habits like carpooling, using electric cars and bikes, cycling to the office, conserving water, and other natural resources when they can.

Opt for an eco-friendly lifestyle in 2020 and help nature replenish itself. Live and let live!

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